emailComposer doesn't work

Emailcomposer does not work.
When I click the button that calls the function the only thing that is the log console. What am I doing wrong ?

can you help me ?
Thank you

import { EmailComposer } from '@ionic-native/email-composer';

  constructor(private emailComposer: EmailComposer) {


 InviaMail() {
    console.log("click invio")

    this.emailComposer.isAvailable().then(() => {
      let email = {
        to: '',
        cc: '',
        bcc: [''],
        subject: 'Cordova Icons',
        body: 'How are you? Nice greetings from Leipzig',
        isHtml: false
    }, (err) => {


Did you follow step 2 from the installation instructions?
Also example shows to work with the return value of isAvailable which probably can also be false.

I am facing the same issue with android.

this returns : true
-> (hasAccount) {console.log(hasAccount)});

this returns : undefined
-> this.emailComposer.isAvailable().then(function (available) {console.log(available)});

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