Element selector : spinning wheel



I would like to develop a spinning wheel selector, like we can see it on IOS date selector. I know there exists some library like Mobilscroll, but I’m not sure it is Ionic compliant.

Is there a way to set ion-scroll to achieve that ? Main features are :

  • Momentum (already ok)
  • Stop list on specific control height (?)
  • Magnetize list elements to this specific height (?)
  • Customize theme (css will do the job)

Thanks in advance for your comments


I’m trying with ionicscroll, to magnetize items, I need to get more events from scroll directive/service. I only have on-scroll. It would be great if we can have on-start-scrolling /on-scrollng/ on-end-scrolling.
What do you think ?


Hmm, well it looks like mobiscroll integrates with angular, so it should play well with angular.

Right now I don’t think these API’s are available. But what you could do is a select list, which would let the native control take over. That should give you the look and feel you want.


Thanks for your answer. I’m back on this part of the project (sorry for the delay of my response)

I was trying to deal with ion-content and “on-scroll-complete” attribute. The most tedious thing is that the selected value is not on top of the list, but at the middle and the effect to move the list to select a value (magnitzed item).

I may try mobiscroll and refund it if it does’nt fit to my requirements.


Don’t know if the component will be in here, but there is this github repo…



In case someone would be interested, I’ve just made a simple “select wheel” using ion-scroll, it may need some improvements, but it’s a start: http://codepen.io/shaoner/pen/zvvQKr

Actually, I wanted to use this kind of select to do a cool & simple datepicker and couldn’t find any.