EISDIR error while building app for Android


Hi! It’s me again, having solved the issue about the ion-select option autofilling, I tried building the app for iOS and Android.

The iOS build came smoothly and the app is already under review by the App Store. I have a very strange error coming up everytime I try to build for Android; I get an EISDIR error about some font folder. I’m using excactly the same files I used for building in iOS.

The error at issue is this:

$ ionic cordova build android
[WARN] Detected @ionic/cli-plugin-ionic-angular in your package.json.

       As of CLI 3.8, it is no longer needed. You can uninstall it:

       npm uninstall --save-dev --save-exact @ionic/cli-plugin-ionic-angular

[INFO] Running app-scripts build: --platform android --target cordova

[10:55:02]  build dev started ...
[10:55:02]  clean started ...
[10:55:02]  clean finished in less than 1 ms
[10:55:02]  copy started ...
[10:55:02]  transpile started ...
[10:55:04]  transpile finished in 1.61 s
[10:55:04]  preprocess started ...
[10:55:04]  deeplinks started ...
[10:55:04]  deeplinks finished in 18 ms
[10:55:04]  preprocess finished in 19 ms
[10:55:04]  webpack started ...
[10:55:04]  copy finished in 1.78 s
[10:55:10]  webpack finished in 5.87 s
[10:55:10]  sass started ...
[10:55:10]  sass finished in 996 ms
[10:55:10]  postprocess started ...
Error: EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory, unlink '/home/nimbler/sites/sncrr2/senescyt-app/www/assets/fonts/roboto'

I tried removing and re-adding the android platform via cordova platform rm/add android commands with no success. I’m also aware what EISDIR means but I didn’t have this issue while building in iOS.

Ionic CLI 3.10.3 by the way.

Hope you can help me. Thanks!!