Dynamically set input values in form using FormBuilder


I have a number of forms in my app that I need to pre-populate with values from when the user signed in or registered. I can get these values to show in the view by using value="{{first name}}" etc on each input, but I cannot get form builder to see these values when submitting the form. Any advice would be appreciated.


export class MaintenancePage {

 maintenance: any;
 complaint: any;
 userdata: any;
 development: any;
 unit_name: any;
 type: any;
 token: any;
 firstname: any;
 lastname: any;
 email: any;
 cell: any;
 development_id: any;

public navCtrl: NavController, 
private formBuilder: FormBuilder,
public platform: Platform,
public actionsheetCtrl: ActionSheetController,
private userData: UserData,
private developmentService: DevelopmentService,
) {}

ionViewDidLoad() {

  this.maintenance = this.formBuilder.group ({
    firstname: [this.userdata.firstname],
    lastname: [''],
    email: [''],
    cell: [''],
    development: [''],	
    complaint: ['', Validators.required],
    token: [this.userData.usertoken],
    type: ['maintenance'],

getUserData() {
 this.userData.getUserData().then((userdata) => {
  this.userdata = userdata;
  this.firstname = userdata.firstname;
  this.lastname = userdata.lastname;
  this.email = userdata.email;
  this.cell = userdata.cell;
  this.unit_name = userdata.unit_name;

And Maintenance.html:

<ion-content id="maintenance-bg-img">
<ion-grid padding>
<form [formGroup]="maintenance" (ngSubmit)="maintenanceForm()">
  <ion-item class="item">
    <ion-label floating>First Name</ion-label>
    <ion-input type="text" formControlName="firstname" value="{{firstname}}" readonly></ion-input>
  <ion-item class="item">
    <ion-label floating>Last Name</ion-label>
    <ion-input type="text" formControlName="lastname"  value="{{lastname}}"></ion-input>
  <ion-item class="item">
    <ion-label floating>Email Addess</ion-label>
    <ion-input type="email" formControlName="email" value="{{email}}"></ion-input>
  <ion-item class="item">
    <ion-label floating>Cell Number</ion-label>
    <ion-input type="text" formControlName="cell" value="{{cell}}"></ion-input>
  <ion-item class="item">
    <ion-label floating>Address</ion-label>
    <ion-input type="text" formControlName="development"  value="Unit {{unit_name}}, {{development}}"></ion-input>
  <ion-item class="item">
    <ion-label floating>Complaint</ion-label>
    <ion-textarea type="text" formControlName="complaint"></ion-textarea>
  <ion-item class="hidden">
    <ion-textarea type="text" formControlName="token" value="{{token}}"></ion-textarea>
  <button ion-button color="dark" clear block type="submit" [disabled]="!maintenance.valid" id="maintenance-btn">Send your request</button>

So, I can see the values I want in the form, but cannot get them passed into the form builder instance in order to post them to an external api. And when I try this.userdata.firstname it just returns inline template:11:7 caused by: formGroup expects a FormGroup instance. Please pass one in.

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I too am curious about this. Did you ever find an answer?

Can you elaborate more on what your problem is, because OP has two totally different ones.

I was actually able to figure it out. I was (it seems) doing same thing as OP in order to get the values showing up in my form. I was using the value="{{name}} but my form was not recognizing that there was a value there. This caused my validator to say the field was not filled in–even though there was text pre-populated.

Did some more searching and found out that you can pre-populate input values when you’re creating the FormBuilder.group

so my non-working .ts code was:
this.form = formBuilder.group({ name: ["", Validators.required], ... //other form inputs });
and the input value population was in the HTML file

I now put
this.form = formBuilder.group({ name: [this.person.name, Validators.required], ... //other form inputs });

and all seems to be working as expected. So long story short, just had to move my pre-populating of the input value to the .ts file instead of in the HTML

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Glad it’s working. OP didn’t have the proper defaults at the time the form is built, because they are coming in in a later-resolving promise. It’s possible to use setValue on the control at a later time to deal with that. OP’s other problem is direct access of children of the controls array from the template: that causes fits with the template compiler, and should be replaced by get().

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use of setValue() should resolve your problem.


Thanks, it’s work for me… :slight_smile:

@ksertronics it works, thank you!! :zombie:

setValue :+1:

this.myForm.controls.MYINPUT.setValue('new value');

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