Dynamic menu



I want to make a dynamic menu like bellow, but {{tab.name}} deoes not get replaced with the value from the controler.

<ion-tab title="{{tab.title}}" icon="icon {{tab.icon}}" href="{{tab.href}}" ng-repeat="tab in tabs">
    <ion-nav-view name="{{tab.name}}"></ion-nav-view>

any suggestions?


Dynamically set view name in

Seems that this isn’t possible with ion-nav-view. I’ve open up an issue for this.


If this worked, how would you target in the route config?


FYI : I’ve submitted a pull request for this because I suddenly found myself needing it too.


cool thanks!. To answer the previous question I would just set up route url with parameter


FYI : I’ve created a project that uses this modified ionNavView directive