Dynamic lists don't scroll well



I’ll just start by commending the ionic team for building this awesome framework!

Ok so I have a dynamic list that grows at the click of a button at the top. Problem is the page doesn’t scroll all the way when new items are added. I would have to scroll up and down before it finally adjusts to the new items.

I’m not using collection repeat by the way, just regular ng-repeat

Any help would be appreciated.



I’m not sure if you have tried this already, but I put a delegate handle on ion-content like so:

<ion-content delegate-handle="availableTicketScroll"></ion-content>

Then after adding the items dynamically I call the resize function in my controller:


This fixed it for me, let me know if that helps!

Edit: here is the link to the doc: $ionicScrollDelegate


Worked like a charm! Thanks @brandyshea