Dynamic Jamstack with Stencil and Supabase

Originally published at: Dynamic Jamstack with Stencil and Supabase - Ionic Blog

The Jamstack is a modern architecture for creating websites that focus on performance and developer experience. It can be used for anything from personal static blogs to large, enterprise, dynamic storefronts. The Jam in Jamstack stands for JavaScript, API’s, and markup. Worded differently, static markup is transformed by JavaScript and utilizes third-party API’s at build…

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Great article Will, this is just what I needed to get myself started on developing Stencil components.

One question though, I keep seeing articles that say that Supabase is “an open-source alternative to Firebase”, is that something they are plugging? Firebase has NoSQL databases whereas Supabase has SQL - not really an alternative in my opinion?

Being the developer of AceBase, which is (…wait for it…) “an open-source alternative to Firebase”, so it is fair to say I’m pretty biased, BUT AceBase truly is an alternative to Firebase because it is NoSQL and basically uses the same programming syntax - you can use your existing Firebase code and it will work with AceBase. I was hesitant to reply at first, but I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about it, you might like it! It works as a hosted db server, standalone db and even in the browser with offline support and sync functionality. All code is freely available through npm and github.

Thanks again & have a great weekend!

@willmartian your original, as well as my fork but with my own supabse db, is throwing the same error:
Error: supabaseUrl is required.
Both in your original example and in my code the supabaseUrl is being provided. Has anythin changed in the original supabase API that makes it not work?