Dynamic Height in ion-scroll


Hi all,

i have a problem with the Ionic Scroll. When i have content before the ion-scroll the content in the ion-scroll scrolls back to the start if i scrolling.
//added on 06.01.2015
Here the Codepen Example:

and a simple other question
is it possible to add content before the tabs content?



Any Idea?
I testet much other stuff but can’t fix it


How about this:


Thanks for your help but i had a problem with this. the Grey box is a video on my ionic project and the width is 100% so the height is on every device not the same like here http://codepen.io/anon/pen/bdqMqW
So Ionic(AngularJS) must detect the height of the video and put it to the ion-content. Is that possible?

have you a fix for that?


Yes, this is possible, using directive.
I’ve modified an example at: http://codepen.io/bokboki2002/pen/QbpGwZ so you can take a look.
When you change the height of video gray box, ion-content with class autoHeightHeader will change top style.