Dynamic Component Hides Tab Content

I have created a ion-toolbar component that gets dynamically created/destroyed. It is placed within the ion-header as such.

<ion-header> <ion-toolbar no-padding> <button ion-button>hello</button> </ion-toolbar> <dynamic-toolbar></dynamic-toolbar> </ion-header>

This is placed in each tab page above the ion-content.

The issue is that when I first view the page as a whole the tabs content will show up as it should directly beneath the initial toolbar, but is hidden behind the dynamically generated toolbar. I can understand kind of why this is happening and is probably correct.

But…if I click to another tab, then click back to the tab that I was initially on, then the tab content is displayed properly beneath the dynamically generated toolbar…which is what I would like to happen on each initial tab view.

I have tried to do the @ViewChild / this.content.resize in a ionViewDidLoad within each tab page, but still nothing.

Edit: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40339833/ionviewloaded-not-being-called