Dynamic Binding for Properties in Elements

Nothing found in docs. What I wanted to perform in a component is a dynamic list of attributes passing to the render() functions.

At the moment it is possible to use in Render for dynamically determine the tag to be rendered.
2nd thing is, is there a possiblilty to just get the HtmlElement and render it straight forward in render() within the tsx file? I did not find anything on this topic, maybe i even don’t know how to search.

Stencil version:

subito-core-components@0.0.1 C:\dev\git2\core-components
+-- @stencil/core@2.4.0
`-- @stencil/sass@1.4.1
  `-- @stencil/core@2.4.0 deduped

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Current behavior:

Expected behavior:

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Related code:

render() {
    return (
            <select class={this.cssClassMap} aria-label={this.label}>
                    this.options.map((opt) => {
                        const Tag = 'option';
                        return <Tag value={this.extractValue(opt)}>{this.writeElement(opt, ['value'])}</Tag>;

Other information:

 this.options.map((opt) => {
                    const Tag = 'option';
                    return <Tag determineAttributeList(opt)>{this.writeElement(opt, ['value'])}</Tag>;

At the moment, there is not determineAttributeList(opt) function.
I just wanted to parse those in a string array as key-value pair and propagate them with … but this did not work.