Downloaded zip from homepage is empty


Going to and clicking on ‘Download Alpha’ prompts a download (so far so good).
But upon opening the zip, it’s empty.

I know there are other ways of downloading the source, but first timers do not. I believe it will turn them away from Ionic, which would be a shame.

Opening it in 7zip shows that the root folder is named .. which apperantly is a problem on Windows. Why not push the folder 0.9.24 (or its children) a level up ? why have .. in between?


I just downloaded it and got all the css, js, and font files. Are you looking for the seed project?


did you download ?
To me, via windows explorer, it is empty.

And I know how to get all the files and been working with ionic for some weeks.
My point is that first time users might find it weird, won’t search any further and ignore Ionic.
Why not make the zip file a bit more user-/OSfriendly? :smile:


This issue is fixed now for Windows. Please giver’ another shot, thanks.


Tried it and it works, nice