Double ion-refresher ?!


When i try to use double ion-refresher, android gives an an error but ios doesn’t :confused:

ERROR: Error: Refresher must be immediate child of ion-content or ion-scroll


<ion-content class="stable-bg has-subheader" ion-sticky ion-sticky-class="dark">
        <div ng-switch="active">
            <div ng-switch-when="users" class="list">
                <ion-refresher on-refresh="getUserData()" pulling-icon="ion-chevron-up"></ion-refresher>
                <item-tweet data="u" ng-repeat="u in userposts track by $index"></item-tweet>
            <div ng-switch-when="restaurants" class="list">
                <ion-refresher on-refresh="getRestaurantData()" pulling-icon="ion-chevron-up"></ion-refresher>
                <item-tweet data="r" type="restaurant" ng-repeat="r in restaurantposts track by $index"></item-tweet>

Thanks you for your help :slight_smile:

EDIT: I fixed myself.

<ion-refresher on-refresh="getAllData()" pulling-icon="ion-chevron-up"></ion-refresher>

$scope.getAllData = function() {
    if ($ == 'first') {
    } else {