DOM updated, but its view isn't rendering?!

I’m trying to make a chat application.
I have a function that runs whenever I get a new msg to add the msg to the scope so it’ll be rendered by ng-repeat.
Function looks like this:

var gotMsg = function(message) {
    var msg = message.message;
    var name =
    console.log('scope.messages', $scope.msgCtrl.messages);
        message: msg,
        user: name

    //scroll to bottom

I receive the message no problem, and from running ‘ionic run android’ and looking from chrome inspect, I see that the DOM is updated with the new msg correctly interpolated.

However! These new messages are not rendered properly. It’s either just white, or broken. It does show up when I scroll up the chat and come back down however.
What could be causing this? I’ve tried with/without $digest/$apply/$timeout/$eval.Async, etc. Nothing is working so far. Any thoughts?

So, I have the exact same problem. Found a solution?

I was only able to find a work around – which was to add an empty div and remove it each time I needed to update the view.

Great, your work around did fine for me. Thanks for sharing!