Doesn't asks for permissions on initial load

I have an ionic project. I am deploying this app into android. I want to access device’s microphone for which I have added permission in AndroidManifest.xml:

I have also added following code:


        result => console.log('Has record audio permission?', result.hasPermission),

        err => {

          this.androidPermissions.requestPermission(this.androidPermissions.PERMISSION.RECORD_AUDIO).then((data: any) => {

            if (data.hasPermission) {

              console.log("have record audio permission");





yet it is not asking user for permissions on initial load. I am using Cordova. It is not going in the error section while checking for permissions.
Can anyone help me with this?

Not 100% sure on this, but permissions should be requested right before they are needed by android. This just might be android being android