Does <template> tag not work in ionic2?

I was attempting to use the tag to have both *ngFor and *ngIf and it just wouldn’t render. Is that as expected?

For now I’ve substituted it with the span tag.

It works fine, but you don’t want to put the star in front of it.

Star in front of which one? I started with the code below and removed the * in front of each in turn. None of them render.

<template *ngFor="let p of pages" >
  <button menuClose ion-item (click)="openPage(p)" *ngIf='p.isVisible'>
    <ion-icon name='{{p.icon}}' class='menu-icon'></ion-icon>

<template ngFor let-p [ngForOf]="pages">
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Thank you.

Looks like the syntax for the template tag is different from others. I assumed it would be similar, and probably should have looked it up prior. So my apologies also for a probably unnecessary question.