Does ngCordova's Push Notification plugin still work?

I just found the original of ngCordova’s Push Notification plugin already deprecated. They also mention that the development will continue on PhoneGap Plugin Push.

So before I start use this. Could you confirm that current version of this ngCordova plugin still work with latest iOS SDK and Android SDK?

I am successfully using ngCordova push with this plugin:

Are badges working for you when the app is closed?

Thank you. But I found I couldn’t get Android notification when the application isn’t running, could you?

Yes I can get a notification when app is not running on Android. I have to subscribe to GCM on my phone, and notification has to be sent using GCM rest api

Thank a lot. I found out that my PHP code I used to submit message to GCM is too old and cause the “missing” notification in background.

Anyone, who want to use PHP as a push server, can use this gist as the bootstrap: