Does Ionic Has Drawers

Can we create Ion-Drawers… something like we can slide from down to show options?
i could not find any standard Ion component like that…

Ionic 6 will have this.

It will be part of the Modal component - don’t know by heart the parameter

sweet i am using Ionic 6.16.3 Atleast thats what i get when i do ionic -v However in my app package.json i see "@ionic/vue":"^5.4.0"

Will this work.

No clue - not working in Vue. But I reckon Ionic teams deploys for all its current frameworkers, including Vue.

Please note, ionic -v gives you the version of the CLI, not the framework. And for a while, the Ionic CLI is at v6.

In fact, if you have 5.4.0 in your package.json, you are not using Ionic Framework v6.

Check the link to see how you can start working on the Release Candidate for Ionic Framework V6, which holds the goodies you are looking for.

npm install @ionic/vue@next @ionic/vue-router@next

that should install the latest v6 components - quick video id did with the “drawer”, “bottom sheet” - Ionic Framework VueJS - Working with Modal, Bottom Sheet Drawer and DateTime in Beta v6 - YouTube


I am trying to make a UI similar to the google map

I am unable to figure out how i can make the bottom sheet drawer that i can swipe up to show more…

So what is your specific question related to the documentation provided? Please post what you have tried

Figured out the issue i was facing and was able to achieve the swipe up transtition for bottom drawer
Here is the GIT link for the same