Does capacitor.config.json imply all apps must have the same app ID?

There doesn’t seem to be room to config different app IDs for android and ios in capacitor.config.json - does that force capacitor apps to have the same app ID across all platforms?

“appId”: “io.ionic.starter”,

Yes, that’s correct. Is there a use case you’re going for?

I’ve managed to work around the issue myself, however you have to imagine people have legacy apps that have different IDs in the app stores.

Makes sense. Unless I’m unaware, it’s the same way that Cordova works, right? Cordova has config.xml, with only one id field that is used for the App Id.

The id is only used when you add the platform, so you can add ios platform, change the id in the capacitor.config.json and add android platform and they will have different ids.

You can also change the ids after the platforms are created in the native projects in the proper places (Info.plist/Xcode general screen for iOS and app’s build.gradle for Android).

Changing the id on the capacitor.config.json after the platforms are added have no effect on the already added platforms because Capacitor never modifies your native project.