Does anyone have experiences with the Cordova WKWebView Polyfill Plugin?

Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to ask if anyone is using the Cordova WKWebView Polyfill Plugin (

I’m honestly a little bit reluctant to use it for two reasons:

(1) I’m afraid that it bloats the size of the app like the crosswalk webview for Android
(2) Regressions with cordova/ionic plugins I use in my app

It would be great if anyone can share his/her experience with this plugin.

Regards, Matthias


I have many issues with WKWebView in my ionic project, bad resize on rotate (with screenorientation for wkwebview) and since today when i start my application, can’t do nothing (no response on touch).

If someone have idea for me, i take it !

Seems it’s ok now, the “screen orientation for wkwebview” plugin was in cause.
Just have a problem with position:fixed in ionic modal and wkwebview

Hi manu1895,

are you using the WKWebView provided by Apple as is or the Cordova WKWebView Polyfill Plugin which - as far as I understand - fixes some of the bugs of the WKWebView.

In the description of the Polyfill Plugin it reads for instance that the Plugin …

… Will hopefully cease to exist soon (when Apple releases a fixed
WKWebView so Cordova can use it without the hacks I needed to apply).

Regards, Matthias