Does animation="nav-title-slide-ios7" still work?


Does animation=“nav-title-slide-ios7” still work?

I have a feeling that it’s broken. Navigating between states doesn’t seem to trigger it anymore…

Nav-title-slide No Longer Works

This morning I was just thinking something seemed odd with the app too. I couldn’t pin exactly what it was. I am running 0.9.22 and the title does not slide and in and out anymore. It simply updates immediately.

What version are you running?


I’m running the same. Im not sure when it started though…I think before .22


I put this in the Issues category :


i am now experimenting with the sliding animation and it is working very well for the pages, but not for the titles.
do i have to set up the states in a certain way to make the sliding work for titles like they do for pages?
i can see it working here
but it is not working in my project.

any tips? is that related to the topic of this issue?