Documentation on directive


Hi there, some additional documentation on the nav-view would be very beneficial. Especially for naming a nav-view directive. For instance, I’m wondering if I can do this.

<body ng-app="starter">

  <!-- The nav bar that will be updated as we navigate -->
  <nav-bar animation="nav-title-slide-ios7" 

  <!-- where the initial view template will be rendered -->
  <nav-view name="login" animation="slide-left-right"></nav-view>
  <nav-view name="main" animation="slide-left-right"></nav-view>
  <nav-view name="another" animation="slide-left-right"></nav-view>


And then with the $stateProvider have different views like

.state('login', {
    url: "/login",
    views: {
      'login' :{
        templateUrl: "login.html"
.state('main', {
    url: "/main",
    views: {
      'main' :{
        templateUrl: "main.html"
 .state('another', {
    url: "/another",
    views: {
      'another' :{
        templateUrl: "another.html"



Right now we’re in the middle of beefing up the docs, and honestly we’ll never be done making them better. Near the top of the list is explaining the nav-view better. Thanks.