Dividing a List Automatically in Ionic Framework


"As mentioned by Raymond Camden on Twitter, JQuery Mobile has the ability to automatically divide a list of items by a given property. By default, it is done alphabetically by letter similar to the Songs view in the Music app on iOS. It also has the ability to accept a custom function to change the default behaviour of how the list is divided.

The Ionic Framework currently does not have this functionality of automatically dividing a list (As of Beta 14).

I decided to look at tackling this as an external module (ion) and then see if the Ionic guys are interested in merging it into the core framework. It’s on GitHub!"


Hi @andrewmcgivery, it’s great.
Currently I’m struggling to implement a proper search filter on your directive.
Do you have any recommandations ?

Thank you.


Hi @andrewmcgivery,
thanks for this great directive. I tried to implement pull to refresh together with your devider list. but if request is done the new data appeare but all the old headers stay empty at the bottom.

Could you give a suggestion on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!!!


I see there is already an issue for this in your repo.
Is it a bug or did i just used it incorrect?


hello sir auto devider works in my app but its display 2 times what is the problem ?
can anyone have solutions

and how to define array in service
plz share any example of your array

plz tell me to fix this