Distance Between Two Addresses

Good afternoon everyone, I come through this in order to get help on an application in which I will work, the help can be scheduled in Ionic1 As Ionic3, the question is: The app will be delivery and will have 2 addresses, 1 of a pizzeria and another of the user, I need a programming that will bring me the distance between these two addresses. and it is necessary to manipulate this information from the distance in order to generate a control over the delivery freight in the future, for example: In the websystem it will have 3 fields>

1st Field: 1 to 5KM = 5 $ delivery rate
2nd Field: 6 to 10KM = 10 $ delivery fee
3rd Field: 11 to 16KM = 15 $ delivery fee

However this is not necessary, it is only necessary to calculate the distance and the variable available to handle in the future.