Displaying pictures

In my ionic app if i take a picture using the camera and show it in the app it shows rotated from 6 O clock to 3 O clock. Example a straight picture of person standing (vertical) rotates to horizontal any thing i am doing incorrect.

Can you post your code?

var validateProfilePicture = function(imageUrl) {

          imageManager.fileMetadata(new Callback(function(metadata) {
            if (!metadata.isImage())
                $rootScope.onError.fire(new Error("Please select an image type"));
            else {
                $scope.$apply(function() {
                    var pictureElem = angular.element(document.getElementById("picture"));
                    pictureElem.css("border-radius", "50%");
                    $scope.register.picture = imageUrl;

        }), $rootScope.onError);

Set your profile picture