Displaying Images using ng-src

Hi guys, I am having a problem with displaying images in my app. I get data using http request and put it in the service to be able to use to other views. It was a successful one but unfortunately my images doesn’t show up… i even do it manually with ng-src=“url/name.png” but it doesn’t work… when I tested it in the browser the images are showing… What could be the problem???

try to whitelist url in your app

Search meta tag for such

i already did Content Security now it gives me Invalid URL error… I use also data:image; base64

Well I just want to point out I already fix the error… thanks for the help…

Care to share?

iirc you don’t have to use ng-src when using static image-urls

well I need to… I am using http request to get the url of images and data of someone who log in in my app… I do have an external server…