DisplayFormat not working with full name day

I have something like this on my code:

    <ion-label>Dia da aula</ion-label>
    <ion-datetime displayFormat="DDDD" [(ngModel)]="dia_disciplina"
    dayNames="domingo, segunda-feira, terça-feira, quarta-feira, quinta-feira, sexta-feira, sabado"></ion-datetime>

I want it to show the full day name, like “Friday” or “Saturday”.

However, I got this:

Any selected value returns nothing in the end.

I missed something on the docs or I did something wrong?

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I am also facing same issues with Day Names display.

When I hack the source code for datetime, it seems that currently ionic 2 still not supporting full day name.
https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/blob/master/src/components/datetime/datetime.ts in the line 526, component simply ignore ‘DDDD’ and ‘DDD’. It is annoying that when doc said it support, code however actually did not.

I’m facing the same issue, any workaround to change the way the day is displayed in datePicker ? To be able to know which day of the week is a date is very important for a date picker : I want to book something on next saturday, do I need to calculate the date before opening the date picker ?

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Same issue here. I’m on the latest version of Ionic.


This is still an issue

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This is still an issue. any one have got solution for it?