Display Wordpress posts by category?

Hey Everybody!

What I am trying to do is display Wordpress posts based on their category. Basically, I am trying to exclude a category on the home page and then filter posts based on category when a button is clicked.

I am able to get my Wordpress posts based on –this tutorial, so my actual app is similar.

I am just not sure about how to filter the posts and did quite a bit of searching and wasn’t able to find anything particularly useful. Thank you ahead of time and if there is any additional information needed please let me know!

This is not really an Ionic question - you should probably ask somewhere where people know about the Wordpress API. StackOverflow might be a good start.

If you are working on WordPress Development and putting your post in a Category you can easily filter or search that wherever you have exclude your category. WordPress provides many options and plugins which can help you out in filtering. I think you haven’t properly excluded on homepage or check your code properly.