Display push notifications in status & notification bar

I was able to setup local notifications thanks to your link.

I now have a notification when I send one with Pushwoosh. It works well when the app is in foreground but I got nothing when the app is in background or closed.

I already setup in my config the ecb parameter thanks to this thread : Cordova Push - $cordovaPush is undefined for 'get' method

if (ionic.Platform.isAndroid()) {
    config = {
	     "senderID": gcm,
	     "ecb": "angular.element(document.body).injector().get('$cordovaPush').onNotification"
else if (ionic.Platform.isIOS()) {
    config = {
	    "badge": "true",
	    "sound": "true",
            "alert": "true"

I saw here : https://github.com/phonegap-build/PushPlugin/issues/212 that the plugin need a parameter “message” in the notification object receive and PushWoosh send this :

        event: "message", 
        from: "345999759778", 
        collapse_key: "do_not_collapse", 
        foreground: true, 
        payload: {
           p: "X",
           title: "my notification title",
           u: {
              message: "test message"

Do you know how can I setup PushWoosh so i can have a “message” attribute in the received object ?