Display a FirebaseObjectObservable

Hello guys… i would like to display the value “nome”… but is beyond my skills… so i must ask for help…
Im using firebase with angularfire2


        this.afD.object('administradoras/' + this.idAdm).first().subscribe((snapshot) => {             
            console.log( snapshot );                       

i have to use the async pipe?
how i get just the name value? i try .child(‘infos’).nome and all the variants but nothing works.

Thanks for any help

I’d use the async pipe. There are posters here who think it’s better to subscribe inside the controller and not use the async pipe. But look: there’s an official AngularFire2 project for Ionic. Do things exactly the way they do things. You can change later when you have experience.

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ok… but how can i get the “nome” ? still trying to resolve this…