Dismiss toast on tab change


I have a problem - I use Ionic 2 and have tabs in my layout.

  1. I present toast on tab1 (lets say for 20 seconds)
  2. I go to tab2 - I still see my toast from tab1

Can I dismiss that toast on other tabs? I know I can dismiss toast when I leave specific tab. But I looking for something like below:

  1. I present toast on tab1
  2. I go to tab2 - I don’t see toast
  3. I go back to tab1 - I see toast

I don’t know - It’s about pause, or showing toast only on tab where I want to show it.

Can someone know how to solve it?

I think toasts are meant to work that way, as global overlays over other interface elements.

You could manually mak the toast disappear and then later reappear when you leave and come back to the tab that triggered the toast though.