Disabling view transition animations

I’m currently developing an app with beta.14 and have rc.1 on a separate branch for testing before we integrate it into the main project. I would like to disable the view transition animations but cannot figure out how to accomplish this. I tried the animation=“no-animation” on my ion-nav-view but it didn’t seem to do anything noticeable. I’ve also tried $ionicConfigProvider.view.transition(‘none’) which disabled the animations but also got rid of all of my nav-bar buttons.

Any help or advice is appreciated.

Can you put this in a Codepen? I’ve created a Codepen with animations removed using $ionicConfigProvider and I don’t see the nav buttons disappearing.

Codepen: http://codepen.io/brandyshea/pen/EaMGwE

@brandyshea First off, thank you for replying. I’ll see what I can do about putting my project or at least some of my project into a Codepen for investigation. Due to technology limitations that is more difficult than it should be but security has its purpose. Until then I’ll look at the Codepen you posted and see if I can spot any differences and see if they help.

Thanks again

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Well just at an initial glance, I noticed a difference that might be why I’m experiencing my buttons disappearing with views.transition(‘none’). This project was started on the side-menu starter so I have two ion-nav-view, one in the body tag and one within ‘menu.html’. The one in menu.html is the one being used for routing and it is within a ion-side-menus tag and ion-side-menu-content tag. I’m working to just a codepen up for this but that is what I’ve noticed so far.

Let me know when you’re able to reproduce it. I just forked Ionic’s sidemenu codepen and came up with this: http://codepen.io/brandyshea/pen/BybMxw?editors=101