Disabling forward cache does not work for second view

Please see this codepen

There are 3 screens. A tab page, two drilldown pages.
Clicking a item in tab screen navigates to Details screen. Clicking a button in Details screen navigates to Details2 screen.
When I go back to Details screen from Details2 screen, Details2 screen is removed (ion-view in DOM).
But the problem is when I go back to tab screen from Details screen, Details screen is not removed and by inspecting elements I can see it is cached. When I clicked an list item in tab screen it simply loads the cached Details screen without creating it.

I have set
$ionicConfigProvider.views.forwardCache(false); in app.js but no difference.
How can I remove Cached Details screen when going back to tab screen?
Please help.

It becomes even worse if I passed a state parameter to Details state when opening Details screen. When going back and forth between list and Details screens, I see nine Details screens are cached (Default max cache is 10, So including list screens it is 10 cached views).
Any ideas?