Disable one event on inoke of other

I have a use case where I use toggle button to update the attendance of students. I have implemented (ionChange) event to record the User’s response. Also, I have a button to mark all the students as present/ absent. While I try to do so the (ionChange) event is triggered twice leading to an error. Can anybody suggest a solution to bypass an event when tow events are called subsequently?

Below code snippet shows my UpdateAttendance.html:

Button to mark all the students as present :

<ion-button shape=“round” size=“small” color=“success” (click)=“buttonToggled(’’,$event)”>
All Present

List of students:

{{record.name}} Room No - {{record.roomNo}}

buttonToggle() method is as below:

this.attendanceRecord.forEach(record => {
record.isPresent = true;
console.log(record); });

Thank you in advance,!

Check this out.

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Thank you, for the help…!