Disable/handle lazy loading for PWA with @ionic/core + Stencil + Workbox


I’m building a PWA with @ionic/core + Stencil + Workbox, I’d like to take advantage of the lazy loading only for the first page (login) therefore after login I’d like to load all remaining pages.
Is this possible?
If not, is it possible to load all pages (including login) at once?



It might be interesting to explain why I’m asking: sometimes on 3G network the phone is not able to download the new component I’m pushing to the nav, as a result I have a ui lag (the app freezes).
Right now I’m trying to mask the ui before pushing the new component, so at least the user is getting a loader that somehow explains tha lag, but it would be very nice if I could load all the components after the login page in order to get a better user experience.


Not sure about lazy loading but, just a spontaneous idea I didn’t tried out, prerendering or SSR might help improve performance and therefore reduce the lag?

Otherwise, have you already try to ask your question on the slack channel http://stencil-worldwide.slack.com ?