Disable Button

Hello, everyone,

i had the idea to build a login screen with a disabled button if the mail/password is not correct
Can someone find my error or explain it to someone with almost 0 experience in programming what I have to change?

Important is that part: [disabled]= “false " when E-Mail ="test@dhbw.de” & Passwort =“ITV2020” else [disabled]=“true”

So you can press the button and get to the next page if the mail and the Passwort are Right. Just for your understanding.
Thanks :wink:

I really Need help , ist for a uni Project. Thank you !

I would suggest reading the Angular template syntax documentation.

Thank you, but that can´t help me. I don´t understand the Problem and Need a solution. I googled and read a lot, but i dont find a way bymyself. So can someone hel me find a way?