Disable Backdrop modal

Hello all,

I’m using a service to call my modals - I have about 6 of these modal services written (see code attached below). Each one of these modals auto generates a backdrop (modal-backdrop-active) everytime.

For just one service, I’d like to completely disable the backdrop - guessing i would need to remove the backdrop class somewhere but not sure how or where. Can someone show me how?

.service(‘MarketModal’, MarketModal);

function MarketModal($rootScope, $ionicModal) {
let templateUrl = ‘client/templates/modals/twosideMarketModal.html’;

this.showModal = showModal;
this.hideModal = hideModal;

function showModal () {
this._scope = $rootScope.$new();
$ionicModal.fromTemplateUrl(templateUrl, {
scope: this._scope,
animation: ‘slide-in-up’,
backdropClickToClose: false,
focusFirstInput: false,
}).then((modal) => {
this._modal = modal;

function hideModal () {

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