Different Side Menus on Different Views

I am trying to create an app that have a slightly strange structure. After login view the user see another view where he/she can select an option from a list (View A). Here I need an Settings side menu to the right (where it will be possible to change the language, for instance). After selecting the option it gets to another view, the main view of the app, which has a left side menu with all the options(View B). The problem is that this navigation with two different side menus on two consecutive views is not working, for some reason. If I route to another page it works. Before I introduced the Settings side menu on View A it worked as well.

My question is: is it even possible to have this kind of routing? I do want to have these side menus in separate views so the user would get the chance of changing the settings before reaching to the main view of the app…

As you might have already noticed, I am an absolute beginner, so please don’t shoot me if I missed something really basic. Thank you for your time!

So the issue is that side-menus aren’t just a component, but a router and navigation structure.
Have 2 different side-menus isn’t advised since they each handle history and navigation.

So that being said, its not going to be possible with the way we created side-menus.

You can however change the contents inside the side-menu based on what state you are in…

Thank you for your quick answer.

I was afraid that it was something like this. In the end I chose to have both left and right side menus on the same view. Many thanks for all the work you guys are doing at Ionic!