Different font/icon/... sizes after adding -ms-viewport in v1.1.0

Hey there,

I just updated my Ionic app from Ionic v1.0.0-beta.14 to v1.1.0 and an interesting change occurred to my application on my Windows Phone 8.1. I have added two screenshots of my app to illustrate the change:

The left (first) screenshot is before the change, the right (second) screenshot is after updating to v1.1.0.

I detected this change to be the reason of the changed appearance:

If I remove the -ms-viewport in the iconic.css my application looks as before.

Compared with other apps on the iPhone the sizes of the header and tab footer bar of my app are now equal with the sizes of apps on the iPhone. I never compared the height before because I am currently developing the app and have only tested them on my Windows Phone. Am I right that the new appearance is correct and the old one was “wrong”?

The size of the header and the footer is now too small for my users. What is the best (recommended) way to make all fonts and icons (fontawesome) a bit larger? Getting all scss files, changing $tabs-text-font-size (for example) and compiling my own ionic.css file?

Greetings from Germany,