Different Controller/Routing for Each Tab

Is it possible to set up Tabs to have different routing as defined by a $routeProvider?

The way I understand the seed project, which has a tab bar, is that the route with the tab bar is defined in $routeProvider, but the controllers for each tab are defined in the html template (using ng-controller)

Also, is it possible to have a tab have a “child” view but the tab bar stays visible? For example, in the “Nav Stack” example: (http://ionicframework.com/examples/nav/#/), It would be useful to have the tab bar stay visible when you click “Cat”… The “Pets” tab would stay selected, and if you were to go to “Adopt” then back to “Pets”, it would remember that your routing for that page was actually #/pets/1

A little more background:

I’d like to have routing like the Twitter app - the Tab Bar at the bottom stays active on “Timelines” when I’m looking at tweets, but I can tap on individual tweets and follow links to user profiles, etc.

I have the same question!

According to this thread (http://forum.ionicframework.com/t/keep-tab-bar-on-navigate/410), the Ionic guys are moving to use UI-router (https://github.com/angular-ui/ui-router) for routing, and it should be available this week or next. This should allow separating the UI components (Tab bar, etc.) from routing.

This is a Plunkr to show how it will be used, provided by @adamdbradley (http://plnkr.co/edit/yxmExJXZ2VBPPjqNwSIF?p=preview)

sweet! I’ll give it a try right away. Maybe this will also solve the content flickering on iOS which I’m experiencing with nav-bar.