Difference in no.of likes. And `Nice Post` badge not received

Please have a look at the below post

In this post it is showing 22 likes on the bar and 10 likes in link format.
Please have a look the below screen shot.


Why there i s difference in two places? Any how i have received 10+ likes, but i didn’t received Nice Post badge. Can some one explain me, why this is happening?

Late to reply, but here is the explanation:

The difference in likes is because there are 22 likes (23 at the time of this reply) on the entire topic, including all of the likes people have received on replies to the topic.

The 11 likes that you received (the link format you are referring to) are on a topic. You received the Nice Topic badge. If you were to get 10 likes on one of your replies it would be considered a Nice Post. If you go to your profile you will see the different sections for Topics and Posts.

Here’s the explanation of each badge: http://forum.ionicframework.com/badges