Difference between [x]="y" and x="{{y}}"

Just following the Ionic2 tutorial and exploring components and I have this doubt:
Is there a difference between…
<ion-icon [name]="myIcon"></ion-icon>
<ion-icon name="{{myIcon}}"></ion-icon>

it’s simply ionic2 style vs ionic1 ? or angularJs1 vs 2?

The difference is that x="{{y}}" assigns the stringified value of y (i.e. the result of y.toString()), while [x]="y" assigns the real (object) value of y to x. In both cases the value is updated automatically and if y is of string type value you might not notice any difference. In general, I would recommend [x]="y" when binding to element properties.


Thank you.

I also found a good explanation here:

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Thanks for the link, quite interesting read indeed!