Difference between ios and android with font-size

Hi ! :slight_smile:

I have a big difference in the visual between ios and android when I put font-size: 20px; on a button… Is it normal please and have you a solution ?

Have you inspected the computed font size of the button on each platform? You might want to look at the cascade of the styles and see if something is causing the difference.

Yes but I found nothing… I try with platform-ios and platform-android but I had no change :frowning:

Also the base font is different for both platforms, so that will also have
an impact.

I don’t understand sorry.
What do you mean by the base font is different ?

Yes. If the platform is iOS, the font-family is: -apple-system, “Helvetica
Neue”, Roboto, sans-serif. For Android, the font-family is Roboto,
“Helvetica Neue”, sans-serif

You can adjust the font-family in the sass variables to unify the
font-family. In doing so, that should normalize the sizing for you.


I already change the font with my custom font… But I have this size problem :frowning:

Hello Quiesan, and yes in a web render of a font it happens, when the webdesigner did not do a good job, it falls backs to the ugly version (aka, system font, Helvetica for iOS or Roboto for Android material design).