Difference between ionic platform ios and ionic platform add ios

Going through the docs on the website I’ve seen 2 ways of adding a platform

  • ionic platform ios also shown as usage from the help command line
  • ionic platform add ios

the first doesn’t add anything just lists the available platforms, while the second actually adds stuff.

Can someone explain the difference between the two? or is it just a mistake in the docs?

The command is
ionic platform (list the available platforms to install) - the fact that you’re putting iOS on the end is ignored
ionic platform add (adds one of the available platforms from the previous command)

Thank you very much…
Then I guess it’s a bug/mistake in both the documentation for CLI which just says to run ionic platform ios android and in the help screen of the CLI which just mentions platform <platform> to add a platform.

Also platform command in doc v2 has the mistake in the intro of the page but then shows how to use it correctly.

Is there way to communicate this bugs to the team?