Difference between Ionic Package and Ionic Build - PushNotification

I am using cordovaPushV5 and when I build my app with $ ionic build android and copy/install on my device everything works fine.
But when I use $ ionic package build android --release --profile MySecProfile, download, copy/install on my (same) device, Pushnotifications don’t work.

Anyone have any idea?



Have you found a solution for this problem? I’m using ionic2 and when building locally, everything is fine (except the boot time of the app) but when I ionic package the app, it is missing the push plugin completely (according to logcat on the device).

Thanks in advance!

Now, I gave it up, and now using Firebase Notifications instead which is really easy: Create a Firebase, add your app in the project settings. Download the json file that is being created. Place it in your platform directory and add this plugin and code: https://github.com/fechanique/cordova-plugin-fcm

Hope this helps