Did the directives array in component decorators get removed?

Hi all, I am trying to get swipeable cards to work, and for some reason, I cannot use the directives array in the RC of ionic 2. Been wrapping my head around it every way I can but i cannot seem to figure it out.

This is the example i was trying to follow.


Yes… its not ionic, but angular… since the upgrade, all component should be wrapped in the module… if you import a component from one module, into another module… that component will be readily available to be used without having to be declared as directive like before…

At first I thought, this is an external iibrary. So, if it’s just a tutorial for you to make your own component, this should be easy. In 2RC0, all the directive that previously used as directive in another component will need to be imported and listed in declarations and entryComponents array within app.module.ts.

Refer to this upgrade guide

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On a second thought, this is indeed a library with directive/component to be injected… well, in this case, you can give it a try… in 2RC0 you no longer need to declare directive… any component imported will have its directive readily available to the view… but, I’m not sure if the maintainer of the code has made the proper change to cater for 2RC0… otherwise, you can only wait or issue an upgrade request or something…