Did anyone use "Tooltips" in ionic 2

Did anyone use “Tooltips” in ionic 2? See the image below. I would like to have such explanations in my app.


There are a few Angular 2 packages, like

but so far I failed importing one of them to my ionic 2 app, because the instructions are angular 2 only.
Perhaps someone give me some hints, how to to use f.e. ng2-tooltip

Specifically, for the install explanation of ng2-tooltip, what do I need to change in my ionic 2 app?

If you are using system.js you may want to add this into map and package config:
“map”: {
“ng2-tooltip”: “node_modules/ng2-tooltip”
“packages”: {
“ng2-tooltip”: { “main”: “index.js”, “defaultExtension”: “js” }

Any help is appreciated,

Try this instead http://www.angulartypescript.com/angular-2-tooltip/

It seems the angular-2-tooltip can only show tips when a mouse hovers. Can it also show tooltips by default? e.g. when a view loads. This way we can use it in our app to show some user interface explanation.

Did you find a good solution to integrate tooltips for specific elements into Ionic2, without the mouse hover event? I would like to implement it as a random event for early users.

Interested parties might want to follow ionic #9498.