“deviceready has not fired after 5 seconds” - ionic starter app, android

I know there were many questions about this error but I can’t move on using those solutions. Now I have started over and reinstalled all of cordova and ionic libraries. Then I used the command ionic start testapp sidemenu --v2, add android platform and run on device.

After the fresh start the application throws the following messages to logcat:

01-08 13:48:50.902 19167 19167 I chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(1845)] "Angular 2 is running in the development mode. Call enableProdMode() to enable the production mode.", source: file:///android_asset/www/build/main.js (1845)
01-08 13:48:51.025 19167 19167 I chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(1223)] "deviceready has not fired after 5 seconds.", source: file:///android_asset/www/cordova.js (1223)
01-08 13:48:51.027 19167 19167 I chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(104667)] "Native: deviceready did not fire within 2000ms. This can happen when plugins are in an inconsistent state. Try removing plugins from plugins/ and reinstalling them.", source: file:///android_asset/www/build/main.js (104667)
01-08 13:48:51.029 19167 19167 I chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(104662)] "DEVICE READY FIRED AFTER", source: file:///android_asset/www/build/main.js (104662)

My original problem was that the registered event of the installed phonegap-plugin-push not fired (altough it got a registrationId shown in logcat and could receive push messages) and I think that is the cause.

How can I solve this? Is it something with my installed android sdk?

Apart from that message in the console, is your app working fine? It could just be that the app is slow when starting up, especially if it’s not a --prod build.

Yes, it’s working, the push plugin problem was my fault. It just takes 10s to boot the app.