Detools The error message is as follows

ionic cordova build android --prod --release
Execute --prod package will appear this, without this, it will be normal

How can I solve this problem?

The production flag (–prod) minifies the source code to a single file. This file format is the output of the minified code base

More info here:

Luckily, the build process also provides source maps, which maps the ugly looking code to something more readable. To view this, click on the " { } " button above the log. It’s to the left of where it says “17 characters selected” in your screenshot

Hey there @yuhai2017! Issue is probably on older Android devices (Android 4.4.x and Android 5)?

I had same experience when running production build on those generation Androids. You need to remove exact text “use_strict”; from your main.js file after you make build android --prod build. From some reason use strict directive makes mess to those older generation devices, probably because of inconsistency with javascript objects back in a day. After this you should be able to see ionic page starts up rather than white page shows.:slight_smile:

When the android --prod --release command is executed, he will automatically compress it with “use strict”. I will change it. I want to use the “use strict” mode.