Detect isPhone


How do I tweak css for Phone. Or is there a way to detect wether ionic is running on a small screen like a iPhone 5 or SamsungGalaxy sIII


I personally use this small library:
It tells you which device you’re on (tablet/phone/desktop), OS (ios, android, windows), and wether if it’s in landscape or portrait.

If you look into their code I’m not 100% happy with it but it works. They check the user agent, screen dimentions, etc.


If it is only CSS tweaks based on size, why not just use media queries?

@media (max-width: 320px) {


Take a look at $ionicPlatform, it ofers isIOS(), isAndroid() and isWindowsPhone() functions.

Also, you could bind to certain css classes that are added to the platform, reference to the forums for those exact names, it doesn’t seem to be documented yet. For example: Target different platform