Details not being returned in edited in Starter Project


In my edited version of the starter app, I removed the tabs and I aim to create a two page app, one with a mass list and the other page with a tabbed based layout that will update based on some data.

I’m trying to work out using the new ui-router so forgive me if my issue is just a simple problem, but when I go to the detail page, which is just showing the basic description, I’m not getting any of that information.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.

Heres a link to the demo


@mhartington: Your controller name is wrong in your app.js on line 30 (should be PetDetailCtrl instead of PetIndexCtrl).
And in your controllers.js on line 14 is state param name wrong (should be $stateParams.petsId instead of $stateParams.petId).

I guess it was a little bit late… :wink:


…. my sloppiness will be the undoing of me one of these days. Thanks for the help